Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ancient British, Ancient Greek, Viking/Norse, Medieval Anglo-Saxon - DNA

Ancient Greek DNA

mtDNA from Grave Circle B in Mycenae (3,600 years old)

1 haplogroup U5a1

Ancient British DNA

Cheddar Man (9,000 years old, England) => mtDNA haplogroup U5a

Viking/Norse DNA

Evidence of Authentic DNA from Danish Viking Age Skeletons Untouched

by Humans for 1,000 Years


Viking-age skeletons from Galgedil & Kongemarken

1 haplogroup U5a1a

Medieval Anglo-Saxon DNA

Tracing the Phylogeography of Human Populations in Britain Based on

4th-11th Century mtDNA Genotypes

2 haplogroup U5a1a
4 haplogroup U5a1


Ancient Basque DNA

Late Antiquity Basque DNA (1,400 years old)


23 haplogroup R1b

Ancient German DNA

Lichtenstein Cave Bronze-Age Family (3,000 years old, Lower Saxony) :


1 haplogroup R1b


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